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September / October 2014

Peace and justice in the Mediterranean Sea and in the Middle East: the role of local communities and Europe

This is the title of the conference held on September 29th, 2014, in Monza, our town near Milan in Italy, in collaboration with the NGO “Legambiente” and  COSPE (Florence) and with the trade unions, too. The topic of the meeting was the contribution of the European and Arab civil society and the public institutions at all levels to the promotion of rights, peace, development and defence of the environment in the area of the Mediterranean Sea and the Middle East. We had the pleasure to have with us Miss Esraa Abdel  Fatah, one of the protagonists of the occupation of Tahrir Square in Cairo in 2011 and candidate to the Nobel Peace Prize. We had also invited Mr. Ramòn Espinar Merino, who represent the Indignados movement in Spain, but unfortunately he could not participate. Thanks to this event, the people who took part to the meeting could better understand the current situation in Egypt  and get information that the press does not give.  Esraa explained the responsibilities of President Mubarak  and also of the army, especially as regards the civil rights of the Egyptian people and students. It was concluded that also Europe must be on the side of the people who are currently fighting for democracy and especially for the opportunity to have an education at all levels. Esraa left us with the hope to see us again in another meeting with the students and the young people of Monza.  Watch the photos

Debacle of the PV plant industry on our territory - recovery prospects in an European context.

We launched a petition addressed to the European Parliament to combat the decline of the PV industry on our territory and the closing of the last operating factories. The images of the hearing in the European Parliament in March 2014 can be found in: Watch the videoFrance, Italy and Spain must save the PV industry of each country, but in an European perspective. That is why in the last summer days we explained to Mr. Yannick Jadot in Bordeaux that it is necessary that all Greens in all EU countries build an European industrial ambition in the PV industry. So why not establish a networking among the Greens from different local communities in Europe about the crisis and the unemployment in the factories of the PV industry and its European relaunch?  We could start from France, Italy and Spain, … What do you think about that? Till next time and see you soon!

Roberto Albanese gives his 12 points to a Green Europe Watch the video 

European Green Party Council, Istanbul, Turkey, 7-9 November 2014 - info